Material: JIS Standard | JIS Steel Plate

Standard: JIS

Thickness: 3-400mm, widht: 1000-4600mm, length: 2000-18000mm Super-width and Super-thickness steel plate

Price: FOB/CIF

Delivery Time: 15-30 days, depending on the quantity

Minimum Order Quantity: NA

Japanese Industrial Standardfor short, developed andconsidered by the JapaneseIndustrial StandardsOrganization.

  1. Japanese steel (JIS Series) grade common structure steel is mainly composed of three parts, the first part of said materials, such as S (Steel) F (Ferrum) said steel, said iron; the second part represents a shape, species, different applications, such as P (Plate) T (Tube) said the board, said tube K (Kogu), said tool; third part of said characteristics of digital, generally is the minimum tensile strength. Such as SS400, the first S said steel (Steel), second S said “structure” (Structre), 400 for the lower tensile strength of 400MPa, the integral representation for the general structure of the tensile strength of 400MPa steel.
  2. SPHC: The first S for steel Steel is the abbreviation of P Plate, in abbreviation, H is the abbreviation of thermal Heat, abbreviation for C business Commercial, the integral representation of hot rolled steel sheet and strip for general use.
  3. SPHD: hot rolled steel plates and strips
  4. SPHE: hot rolled steel plates and strips
  5. SPCC: cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip equivalent to Chinese grade Q195215A. The abbreviation of third letters of C cold Cold. To ensure tensile test in grade at the end, plus T for SPCCT.
  6. SPCD: cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip expressed by stamping, the equivalent of Chinese 08AL (13237) quality carbon structural steel.
  7. SPCE: represented by cold-rolled carbon steel sheets and strip for deep drawing, the equivalent of Chinese (5213 08AL) deep drawing steel. The need to ensure timeliness, in grades at the end and N as SPCEN. Cold rolled steel sheet and strip for Quenched and tempered Code: annealing state A, quenching and tempering for S standard, 1/8 hard for 8, 1/4 for 4 1/2 hard, hard 2, hard 1. Surface processing code: Matt finishing D, bright finish rolling for B. As SPCC-SD said, for general use standard tempered cold-rolled carbon sheet matte finish rolling. As SPCCT-SB said standard conditioning, light processing, requests to guarantee cold-rolled carbon sheet mechanical properties.
  8. The mechanical structure of JIS expressed by the steel grades method: S+ carbon content + alphabet (C, CK), in which the carbon content in the intermediate value x 100 said, the letter C said: K: carbon, said steel for carburizing. If the carbon balance sheet S20C the carbon content is 0.18-0.23%.

Main Grades Of JIS Stee Plate