Material: ASTM: 1010, 1025, 1030, 1040, 1045, 1050, 1055; JIS: S25C, S30C, S35C, S40C, S45C, S50C, S55C, S60C; DIN: Fe360B, 1C22, 1C25, 1C30, 1C35, 1C40, 1C45, 1C50, 1C55

Standard: ASTM, ASME, EN, DIN, JIS

Thickness: 3-650mm, width:1000-4500mm


Delivery Time: 15-30 days, 7days for ready products

Payment Terms: 100% payment against B/L copy, the original documents will be mailed after payment received

Minimum Order Quantity:flexible trial order

Carbon structural steel can be devided into two categories common carbon structural steel and high quality carbon structural steel based on the content of carbon

High quality carbon structural steel, compared to common carbon structural steel, high quality carbon structural steel contains lower content of sulfur, phosphorus and other non metallic substances. According to its carbon content and different use, this kind of steel is roughly divided into three types:

  1. low carbon steel with carbon content of less than 0.25%, this type steel have very good deep drawability and weldability;
  2. medium carbon steel with carbon content of 0.25~0.60%, mainly used under modulation condition and for manufacturing of equipment parts in mechine-building industry;
  3. high carbong steel with carbon content of over 0.6%, mainly used for manufacturing of springs, rolls and gears.

Technical data

normalized, tempered, quenched, ultrasonic test(ASTM A578 Level C/Level B/Level A, ASTM A435, En10160-S4E3/S3E2/S2E1,S1E0), Z test(Z15, Z25 and Z35), TPI(Third Party Inspection), NDE(Non-Destructive Examination)

S1. Vacuum Treatment
S2. Product Analysis
S3. SPWHT: Simulated Post-Weld Heat Treatment
S4. Additional Tension Test
S5. Charpy V-Notch Impact Test
S6. DWT: Drop-Weight Test
S7. High Temperature Tension Test
S8. Ultrasonic Examination
S9. Magnetic Particle Examination/Magnetic particle inspection
S11. Ultrasonic Examination in accordance with Specification A 577/A577M
S12. Ultrasonic Examination in accordance with Specification A 578/A578M
S14. Bend Test
S15. Reduction of Area Measurement
S18. Maximum Tensile Strength

Steel Grades of Carbon Structural Steel Plate

A572 Gr42
SPHC 040A10
A570 Gr.A SS400 S235JR S235JR
A283 GR.C SM41A.B St44-2
A283 Gr.D SS50 St50-2 50B
A283 Gr.C SS34 St37-2 040A12
A283 Gr.B SS41
A830 (1006-1060)
S10C/S09CK/SPHE CK10/2S511 040A10
1010 S10C/S12C Ck10/C10 040A12/040A10/ 045A10/060A10
1015 S15C/S17C/S15CK Ck15/C15/CM15/Fe360B Fe360B/090M15/040A-5/040A15/060A15
1020 S20C/S22C/S20CK 1C22/Ck22/CM22 1C22/050A20/ 040A20/060A20
1025 S25C/S28C 1C25/Ck25/CM25 1C25/060A25/ 070M26
1030 S30C/S33C 1C30/CK30 1C30/060A30
1040 S35C/S38C 1C35/CK35/Cf35/ CM35 1C35/060A35
1045 S40C/S43C 1C40/Ck40 1C40/060A40/ 080A40/2S93/2S113
1050 S45C/S48C 1C45/Ck45/CC45 /XF45/CM45 1C45/060A42/ 060A47/080M46
1055 S50C/S53C 1C50/Ck53/CK50/ CM50 1C50/060A52
S55C/S58C 1C55/Ck55/CM55 1C50/060A52
S58C/S60C 1C60/Ck60/CM60 1C60/060A62/ 080A62