Standard: According to client’s drawing

Price: NA

Delivery Time: According to the quantity

Payment Terms: T/T

Henan Supioneer Metal Materials Co., Ltd has the wear plate, Mold steel and other high structurul as the representative of the cutting, welding, structure and processing of professional production line. From computer CAD drawing, CNC programming layout, steel sheet cutting forming – steel plate processing finished products – one-stop services such as transportation and delivery to the factory. Effectively reducedin the manufacturing of large mechanical equipment parts, gear box, mill memorial arch, bearing and other processing capacity, It makes clients save from raw material procurement, processing, transportation and other complex procedure such as manpower and material resources and energy. It also Achieve zero inventory of raw materials and reduce capital and investment of equipment.

Processing range:
thickness: 5 ~ 600 mm, width: 4100 mm.

Cutting tolerance:
straightness: 0.5 mm / 1000 mm, Vertical degree< 3 mm / 100 mm, Overall dimensions < 2 mm


  1. Varieties: mainly processing high strength, wear resistance, give priority to dozen of products mold, containers (Including spot, futures, and Excess stock)
  2. Size: Wide, thin, thick, special-shaped pieces.
  3. Price: has the price advantage of using short foot board (a material classification) cutting ;
  4. Equipment: ensure that the quality of thick, high strength, wear-resistant, temperature can be cutting stay warm.

Processing range

Catalogue Processing range
Short feet plate (material classification) processing according to the size, drilling, packaging
common catalogue processing according to the size, drilling, packaging

 wear-resistant steel 

processing according to the size, drilling, packaging
Mold plate cutting according to the size
Engineering machinery plate cutting according to the size
high structurul plate Plasma cutting,Flame cutting with temperature,sawing
Container plate Plasma cutting,,Flame cutting head,cylinder

Processing capacity and scale

Processing range Processing scale Processing capacity 
Thinkness(mm) sample required
wear-resistant plate

Engineering machinery plate

high structurul  plate

Cutting  capacity:4000 tons/year 5-150 hardness≤600HB
Drilling capacity:2000 tons/year 5-150 hardness≤600HB
Bending capacity:2000 tons/year 5-50 Tensile strength1600MPa
Mold plate sawing  capacity:6000 tons/year 8-200 hardness≤600HB

The main equipment

Name  Capacity 
CNC plasma cutting machine Underwater cutting, cutting capacity :thickness 0 to 50 mm
Metal band sawing machine trip:6000 mm,
cutting specifications: 600 mm * 2500 mm * 10000 mm
CNC gantry drilling and milling machine Table size 1 m * 2 m, borehole diameter 6-80mm

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