Material: black metal, stainless steel

Thickness: 0-600mm

Price: unit price by piece/ ton, FOB/CIF

Delivery Time: According to your quantity

Payment Terms: T/T

Minimum Order Quantity: NA

The Cutting process blanks use for welding and machining. All you need to do is give us the drawings of wanted products; the rest will be nicely done by us. we offer three different cutting solutions for your different cutting requirements. Our price will be quoted according to cutting meters or the weight of the parts, which is based on the thickness and shape of the parts.

The cutting process includes flame cutting, plasma cutting, sawing cutting and shear cutting.

Flame Cutting

Applied for simple parts cutting.The new technology CNC controled flame cutting machine to greatly improve the complicated shape cutting performence, and the smoothness of the cutting surface can be beyond your imagination. Our cutting technique can assure the good cutting quality of steel plate up to 600MM of thick.

Laser Cutting thickness:0~25mm,Applied for precise and complicated shape cutting. Processed parts after bending/welding, widely used for equipment outside or inner sturctrue pannel/ bracket/ protective cover etc.Max cutting thickness 25mm according to laser cutting machine power limit.

Plasma Cutting

Depending on the configuration of the plasma power is generally the size of the cutting thickness range: Within 0.5-100mm handful of imported high-power plasma power can be cut to 100mm to the ultra-but generally the cost of investment, but a lot of the equipment in accordance with the plasma cutter power brand …. unequal. unequal prices higher cost. basically as long as the conductive material can be cut.

Sawing Cutting

Metal material suitable for cutting a variety of materials, (bar, pipe, sheet metal, etc.). Sawing diameter 20mm ~ 650mm.

Shear Cutting

Applied for large quantity and simple steel sheet cutting. Most economic and efficient cutting solution.
Cutting thickness:0-10mm