Material: API 5L : Gr. B, X 42, X 52, X 60, X 65, X 70, X 80.

Standard: API

Thickness: 3-650mm,width:1000-4500mm,length:5000-12000mm

Price: N/A

Delivery Time: depending on quantity

Payment Terms: T/T, LC

Minimum Order Quantity: N/A

Pipeline steel refers to hot coil or wide and thick plate used in manufacture of large diameter welding steel pipeline for oil, and natural

gas transferring.Steel plates for this kind of use should have high compressive strength, high temperature toughness and excellent weldability.Our company supplied more than 80 thousand tons of X70/X65 pipeline steel for China West-east NG transmission project.

Our pipeline plates have been developed:HIC resistant plate:X70,L390MS and SGCC resistant plate,max thickness 32mm;Deepsea pipeline plates:X65MO,thickness 26.5mm,X100 plate,max thickness 55mm.

Technical Data

Delivery condition:normalized, tempered, quenched, ultrasonic test(ASTM A578 Level C/Level B/Level A, ASTM A435, En10160-S4E3/S3E2/S2E1,S1E0), Z test(Z15, Z25 and Z35), TPI(Third Party Inspection), NDE(Non-Destructive Examination)

S1. Vacuum Treatment
S2. Product Analysis
S3. SPWHT: Simulated Post-Weld Heat Treatment
S4. Additional Tension Test
S5. Charpy V-Notch Impact Test
S6. DWT: Drop-Weight Test
S7. High Temperature Tension Test
S8. Ultrasonic Examination
S9. Magnetic Particle Examination/Magnetic particle inspection
S11. Ultrasonic Examination in accordance with Specification A 577/A577M
S12. Ultrasonic Examination in accordance with Specification A 578/A578M
S14. Bend Test
S15. Reduction of Area Measurement
S18. Maximum Tensile Strength

Grades of Oil Pipeline Steel Plate

API 5L EN 10208-2 DIN 17172 Material #
API 5L Gr. B L 245NB StE 240.7 1.0457
API 5L X 42 L 290NB StE 290.7 1.0484
API 5L X 52 L 360NB StE 360.7 1.0582
API 5L X 60 L 415NB StE 415.7 1.8972
API 5L Gr. B L 245MB StE 240.7 TM 1.0418
API 5L X 42 L 290MB StE 290.7 TM 1.0429
API 5L X 52 L 360MB StE 360.7 TM 1.0578
API 5L X 60 L 415MB StE 415.7 TM 1.8973
API 5L X 65 L 450MB StE 445.7 TM 1.8975
API 5L X 70 L 485MB StE 480.7 TM 1.8977
API 5L X 80 L 555MB 1.8978