die/mold steel is used to manufacture cold die, hot forging die, die-casting mold and other mold steel, it is used to manufacture the main material mold, mold is the cornerstone of the industry, almost all the manufacturing industry are direct and indirect mold users. The quality of the mold directly affects the quality of the pressure processing technology, product accuracy and yield and production costs, while the quality and life of the mold in addition to reasonable structural design and machining accuracy, mainly by the impact of mold steel. The United States according to the mold service conditions will die/mold steel into cold work die/mold steel, hot work die/mold steel, plastic mold steel, plastic mold steel four categories, including cold work die/mold steel is divided into 12 sub-categories, hot die/mold steel 9 small Class, plastic mold steel 2 subcategories, plastic mold steel 5 subcategories.

Ordinary carbon steel can usually be divided into steel and steel reinforced concrete structure with steel, steel structure with ordinary carbon steel and low alloy structural steel. Variety of steel, steel and steel. Profiled steel angle, I-beam and channel. Reinforced concrete structure with steel, according to the processing methods can be divided into: hot-rolled steel, heat treatment of steel, cold-drawn steel, cold-drawn low carbon steel wire and strand pipe; according to the surface shape can be divided into smooth steel and thread; Can be divided into low carbon steel, carbon steel, high carbon steel and alloy steel.