Rubber molecular chain can be cross-linked, cross-linked rubber by the external force deformation occurs, has the ability to quickly recover, and has good physical and mechanical properties and chemical stability. So widely used in the manufacture of tires, hoses, tapes, cables and other rubber products.

Rubber not only has excellent wear resistance, long life, but also has good flexibility, as the tire can absorb a lot of vibration energy, which will help the car running smoothly. So rubber will be used to make the car’s tires.

The early rubber was latex from plant such as rubber tree, rubber grass and the like, which was made of processed materials with elasticity, insulation, imperviousness and air. Rubber is a highly elastic polymer, divided into two kinds of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is made from rubber tree, rubber grass and other plants made of plastic processed; synthetic rubber by a variety of monomers derived by polymerization. Rubber products are widely used in all aspects of industry or life.

If the use of steel production of tires, steel products extremely poor vibration absorption capacity will have a huge impact on passengers and cars, a direct impact on the car’s experience. In addition, the wear resistance of metal materials is not as good as rubber.